Saturday, September 8, 2007

Knitting and pics!

Okay, I DO have stuff to update, but I don't have pictures ready yet, so that will have to come later. I finished another scarf this week-it's extra long and super soft. I bought 2 skeins and ended up just using the 1, so I think I will make another and keep one for myself :) I will get a picture of that this weekend.
I also started on a rug, but I need another skein of the wool I am using, so I am going to go as far as I can and then I need to pick another one up. It's a chunky off white wool with some flecks of a sort of autumn palette. Kinda nice-like rolling a sheep in a pile of mulched autumn leaves :)
Last night my darling dear Lisa helped me get my cat to the vet so he could get checked out and I found out that my little guy needs dental work done and it is going to cost me lots of money. He's lucky I'd do anything for him-that's all I can say :) I'm way to broke right now for that but we'll make it through somehow.
Afterwards we went to Lonestar for supper and Chad bought us both food-because we are awesome! Then back to my place so I could get lots and lots of photos of Lisa and her knitted projects. Good thing I left my light up and ready-all I had to do was move the table and put up a backdrop :) I'll post a couple here when/if she gives me the go ahead, just to show off how cute she is :P ha ha ha ha ha ha
That's about it right now. I am trying to get supplies(but I am broke) so I can start making some handbags and accessories to sell this fall. I'm hoping I can supplement my income with it, since once I get laid off I will be extra broke. I want to sell stuff around the city and possibly also on Etsy, as I know a few people that have stores online there. Not sure how good business is on there, but worth a try, I suppose.
Have a great weekend, blogland!

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