Monday, December 31, 2007


Well, so much for my massive cleaning efforts for the hubby-he called this morning to say they can't leave today because of the weather. And WHY did they decide to leave today and not yesterday when it was beautiful out and he wanted to leave? Because SOMEONE didn't want to come back yet and spent the day doing NOTHING around the house. SOMEONE who didn't want to come home to an empty apartment. So now, because SOMEONE was being selfish, my honey is stuck 5 hours away from me on New Years Eve. Lovely. I mean, I like my solitude, but it's been DAYS. And were the roles reversed, SHE would be pissed and I'd never hear the end of it.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

So long, sweet freedom!

Today was a good day. I met a friend for brunch, hit up a LYS again and hung out some more. Then home again, home again, to try and get this pigsty under control before I lose my "bachelorhood" tomorrow when my sweetheart comes back from Christmas vacation. The living room is a complete disaster zone, but hopefully I can have it under control and the bathroom and bedroom cleaned and tidied by the time he gets home. ;)
Finished his alien scarf-it just has to be blocked, which I am sure you can guess that I haven't had time for today. Picked up some hot pink and black Nature Spun today-going to make a bag of some sort out of it for my store. Not sure what, exactly, but I have a few ideas. :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ball Winder!!!!

Got myself one today at The Loop! Used my discount card and got it for under 40 bucks!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Triumphant Lethargy

Well, I feel like maybe i may have beaten the blogging bug that I had come down with, meaning-my not posting on any sort of regular basis. I seem to have made quite a few posts in the last little while. Maybe that's the fault of unemployment ;)
I have been laid off for exactly 1 week now. And I gotta tell ya, it feels pretty awesome. I haven't quite started to stress out about money yet, and I am still in the wonderful period of lethargy where you don't quite yet feel like you HAVE to be doing stuff. And by doing stuff I mean housework, exercise, that kind of stuff. What I HAVE been doing, aside from the time spent with my folks over Christmas, is making my way through all 3 seasons of Deadwood, back to back, while knitting on the couch. So I think that equals something along the lines of 36 hours of sweet tv. Today I stayed in my jammie jams until late in the afternoon, which is unusual for me. No boyfriend home to pretty myself up for, no errands to run, just me and my knitting. It's been pretty sweet.
But I imagine I should get on that housework-he IS coming home in a few days ;)

Naughty Needles!

Okay, so I remember when this book came out and I was so super excited for it. I am a pin-up fanatic and the idea behind it was too good to be true. Then I picked it up at a bookstore, gave it a flip and decided it wasn't so great after all.
Now you have to keep in mind that at that time, I was new to knitting and had only just started venturing into certain areas. When I started knitting, I planned only to make dishcloths and other horribly useful items of the sort. Then as time went on, there were more and more things I saw I wanted to make. All the while swearing I would never make SOCKS.
Socks are done on teeny tiny needles, I can buy them at the store, and they take a while. I didn't yet see the point. Then I picked up a Yarn Harlot book and by the time I was done, I wanted to make some damn socks.
Then recently, after swearing since the very beginning that I would never make a sweater, I now have a whole pile of sweaters I want to make.
So now that I have been surfing Ravelry every chance I get, there are a tonne of patterns from Naughty Needles that I now want to make. I guess I just had to grow up as a knitter to appreciate a lot of what the designer has created. I now have several patterns I want to start-only I have to finish that damn alien scarf first :P And one I started for a friend-Yorrick from

Thursday, December 27, 2007


HUGE sale over at Tangled Skeins in Dartmouth! Got my prize and picked up a tonne of yarn for myself and a friend who doesn't get access to fine wool where she lives. Took the ferry both ways-I am getting used to it. Doesn't freak me out too badly. But really-when yarn is the destination, I can't convince myself the ferry serves a purpose and that dying on the way to or from would be well worth it :P
Edit-My prize!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Woo hoo!

I just got an email from Tangled Skeins! I won their Christmas draw! I'm sure glad I stopped in there before x-mas to get me some yarn! :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

For any knitters who happened upon this and didn't already know-

Get on the waiting list NOW! Takes about...3 weeks?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slackin again, eh? I'll forgive you this one time more

Oh, so I didn't keep up with my blog like I said I would. I'm horrible, I know.
But now I am on Ravelry, so I HAVE to, or I'll show everyone what a lazy slacker I am. That's what happens when you are on too many websites. I'm only on, oh, a million or so. So some of them are bound to get neglected once in a while.
Now that I AM on Ravelry, though, I have found a lot of cool patterns to try out. I started one this weekend and finished it in 2 days. It was awesome :) I like starting and finishing something in a reasonable amount of time.
I think I will even bring it to work today-it deserves to be taken out of the house and shown off. :) Here's a pic of it from when it was being blocked as it dried!

As for my other knitting, I did a scarf for my brother for x-mas that he should be receiving in a few days, and I pretty much slowed to a crawl on those socks, which were an x-mas present for my dad, so I think I will just plug away at them whenever and let him know I am making them and he will get them eventually :P
Most of my time, though, has been spent making earring cards and stickers for my jewelry. Doing some decent business the last few weeks, from my friends, of course. I hope business picks up in the new year. I'll have to get word around more or something. Anyways, off I go! My last day of work is in 2 more days and I am very excited. Then I can enjoy some much needed time off, although if it goes for too long I will be hard pressed for cash. At least I will be able to get back in to my photography and have more time to knit!!!!