Monday, July 28, 2008

Bad Knit Girl Contest!!!!

Okay one and all-voting has officially started for the August Bad Knit Girl contest!!!!!!!
I would absolutely love it if you would vote for me, but please-vote for SOMEONE! The Bad Knit Girls are a bunch of awesome, sexy ladies and we all want your support! Just go here and click on vote along the top. Pick a sassy knitting girl and vote at the bottom of the page! One vote per ip address(so feel free to go to work and vote too!) ha ha ha ha ha ha And pass it along to anyone you know who likes cute knitting ladies!!!! Voting ends Saturday, I believe!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


So this last week has been a very very busy one! Been working on a bit of freelance comic stuff, then I got some freelance video game animation clean-up from some friends and now I am helping out at my old work while a friend of mine is absent for her wedding-so I've been up around 5:30 every day for the last week and up until 11 or so working-taking breaks to eat and shower and that's about it. I finally got to my dishes today-left since Sunday or so. Pretty gross stuff. Also managed, since I work from home, to get a little laundry done too, so clean bed sheets and towels! Yay!
Late last week I got my boy to take some more pics of me to round off my entry into the Bad Knit Girls August competition. *crosses fingers* I will post the link once voting starts!
So, what's new in knitting news? Well, I haven't gotten much done lately. Been doing up some dishcloths and started my Private Benjamin hat so I won't burn my head in the sun. Haven't gotten to work on my tube top since last week, but I am just about done-just have the ribbing along the top of the back piece to do and then sewing it up! Should be able to get to that early next week-hopefully before August 1st since it was the July KAL for the Knit Girls.
I have a lot of items in my queue that I would really like to get started on but not only do I not have the time these next few days, I also have a super insane case of startitis and I have many projects I need to get finished-I'm so bad for half finishing things. Some things half finished right now that have to be done reasonably soon?
-Tube top(has to be finished for August 1st)
-Jodi's slippers(can wait till Sept, I think)
-baby romper for my boss' new baby(due in Sept-needs to be done by end of August)
-dishcloths(I'd like to get a few more done for this weekend to bring home with me)
-Private Benjamin(no point doing it if it's not done in the summer)
-Nicole's vest(started this in April, I think, and then it got warm, so I put it on the back burner. Should finish it before the fall, though)

Stuff on the needles that isn't horribly important:
-Zartan's cat bed(he doesn't know about it, he doesn't care)
-TV caddy(this baby is getting frogged, I think. Too much garter stitch)
-Alpaca(started this last fall for my aunt then never finished him-a little felted alpaca. Would like to finish for THIS christmas)
-Dad's socks(still only a leg-knitted to the heel turn and then stopped. And this is only the first one :P)
-Afghan(I started a dark pink, light pink and black crocheted square afghan for myself a while back. I need something like 200 squares for it. It's going to be a while)
-Criss Cross garter(I made the gloves that match in a week and then plowed onto the garter. And got bored. So it's hiding somewhere)
-Tattoo baby sweater(this has been sleeping for over a year. Well over a year. Some day it will get finish and be awesome.....SOMEday :P)

Wow, that looks really horrible all laid out. *shrugs shoulders* Ah well! ha ha ha ha ha ha Once I get a life again I will make a plan to methodically go through them. Until then I must resist casting anything else on!!!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gaspereau take 2!

Alright, so things have been busy busy busy lately! I've been doing some freelance work, visiting people, and going to the park all the time!
Yesterday, despite all the business happening to myself and others, Lisa and I made a trip back to Gaspereau to hit up the Gaspereau Valley Fibres yarn shop. I LOVE this place. Seriously. The rural area is f-ing beautiful, it's in a BARN, it has tonnes and tonnes of fibre and spinning wheels!!!!! I wish I lived across the street from it :P
So we made the trip, bought ourselves some yarn(I got 3 skeins of Cotton Fleece, a huge bunch of sock weight wool to dye, black dye and hot pink-which she gave me for free-and 2 circular needles) then headed back up to the Blomidon look-off again to check it out now that it's summer and things are blooming!



We tried to drive to the end but gave up most of the way in-some day when it isn't so hot we will drive to the end and then walk the trail ;)

This is the funny little man again-I tried to get a pic of him last time too but it didn't take very well. Next time I will get out and get a still shot :P

When we got back to Halifax we decided to get some ice cream at the park-it was hot out all day and when we were leaving the restaurant in Wolfville that we had eaten at we saw a sign for their EXTREME Banana Split, so we couldn't get ice cream out of our heads :P

Yum! Moon mist is my favorite ice cream!
There were so many random people at the park. all kinds of old people muttering and being weird, kind of like Grandpa Simpson and the whole "So I took the train to Shelbyville to git a new heel fer ma shoe..." There was also some middle eastern "thuggy" type guys who were there in a MINIVAN and a middle aged couple in a fancy schmancy sports car and the woman kept pulling her shorts out of her ass. Oh-and the best part-a thug white guy with a pitbull or something like it that was wearing SUNGLASSES! The DOG! It was awesome! I wish I had of gotten a pic.
Check it out! That, my friends, is the beginnings of tomatoes! Weeee!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Knit girl love!

Alright! So today was a busy busy day! I went in to my old workplace to get something from my friend and then a bunch of us all went out to lunch, which actually really sucked. The food was not very good at all. So keep in mind Haligonians-the new Freemans on Grafton is possibly even worse than the one on Quinpool.
Then I came home and puttered around until I heard from Kelly(knittybitch on Ravelry) and Leslie(lulubelle on Ravelry). I got picked up on my way to the park by Leslie and her van full of family and we met Kelly and her fiancee and daughter at the park. It was a great time, lots of sun and walking and trying to convince Tony, Kelly's man, to move back to Nova Scotia. Both girls are awesome and I look forward to seeing Leslie around town and Kelly whenever she can get her man to make the trip back down :)

Here is Kelly on the left, Leslie on the right-can you believe that we did NO knitting!?? Even though we all brought it with us :P

Me showing my instant love of the girls

Gabriel-one of Leslie's entourage

Tony, Kelly's man, with Grace-another of Leslie's, and Ammy-Kelly's daughter

Kelly is too rockinly awesome

It's a giant anchor! Let's crawl all over it! In orange-Philip(? I hope I got that right!)-Leslie's hubby, Tony, Grace, Ammy and Cameron in the blue-I told you Leslie had an entourage!

Leslie is so pretty-and once I hung out with her I could totally see the cheerleader :P

The group heading up to Martello Tower, which was open

Tony being retarded and Kelly taking his pic

Ammy and Grace were practically inseperable!


My knit girls! xoxoxo

Kelly was not allowed up there but she's a rebel

See? Inseperable!

We kept getting random bouquets from the girls along the way :P

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Holy Yarn score, Batman!!!

So my grandmother went through all her old knitting stuff and passed along 2 garbage bags of yarn to my parents to bring up to me. They forgot it last time they visited, so I was sooo excited today when they brought them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(they also brought me cat litter and some sweet sweet coldcuts and things from my favorite meat shop!)
So yeah, back to the yarn-a lot of it is stuff I would never normally use, being a lot of super old acrylic(I found receipts in the bags going back to 1986!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I was SIX!!!!!!), but because it is my grandmothers I love it all-even the horrid Phentex stuff!!! I think i will make a random blanket for myself out of it so that I will think of her every time I use it :)
So yeah-pictures!!!!!!!

The giant pile of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy old pattern booklets!

3 finished granny squares!

I have no idea what this thingy is. Any guesses?

Zartan likes to smell my yarn :P

This stuff is like ROPE!

Rainbow yarn!There were 2 of these hat kits-one white and one red!

This baby head thing creeps me out

Cape Breton Wool! Easily the best find in the batch!

I was planning on making one of these this summer-and now I have a super funny vintage kit to do it!

Lots of pink baby yarn!

Me going crazy for yarn! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Monday, July 7, 2008

Okay, so this post actually has some pics in it-I know, I know. As an amateur photographer that owns about a billion cameras I really should have pics in here more often(and of higher quality) but sometimes I just can't make myself do it :P I'm horrible, I know. Oh well. this post HAS pictures in it! Yay! Everybody dance now! Do, do do do do, Do do do do
Alright, first off is a couple of pics from when Karyn(first pic), Lisa(second pic) and I all went to see my friend Sarah at her dinner theatre show-Frients(making fun of Friends). It was quite raunchy and funny and everyone had a good time. I even got dragged onto the stage by one of the guys in the show that I have a little crush on. :P So that was cool, if embarrassing.

This is one of Mr. Zartan enjoying some balcony time on his birthday, which is Canada Day. No pics of the bbq party we had for him because I suck and forgot to take my camera out-too busy stuffing my face with potato salad :P He turned 8, which in cat years is 48. he is an old man, but still a spry little bugger :)

The honey's parents came to visit this weekend past and we spent Saturday shopping and then we took them to the park for a very long and sun filled afternoon walk. Martello Tower was open so we took them in to have a looksie, since they had never been there before. This is me grabbing Chad's mom for a picture.

This is one Chad snapped of me-notice how sweaty I am? It was sooo hot out!

And this is the finished front of my anchor tube top for the Knit Girls July KAL(knit along). The back is the same, only minus the anchor, so while it will be easier going, it will likely be more boring as it's just all stockinette with some ribbing on the top and bottom. Oh well, I hope it turns out good-not like I'll likely ever wear it :P Still plugging away on the weight watchers and fitness-seeing results but not enough to wear a tube top :P ha ha ha haha

Well, I guess that is it for now. I have some freelance comic stuff in that I am plugging away at, as well as helping Chad with some of his stuff.
We had derby practice yesterday and only 4 girls made it. Some had good reasons and others I never heard from. I'm seriously starting to think about giving up. If people can't make practice or practice on their own, we're always gonna have people who aren't good at all and people who are really good and there just isn't enough of us to keep it going much longer, I don't think. Which is a shame, but I am getting tired of being the responsible one and getting frustrated over it. We'll see how many people show up for tomorrow's practice.
Wednesday night is knitting and Thursday is hanging out with my parents and then Thursday night I get to meet TWO of my ladies from the Knit Girls. I am quite excited!!! Weeeee!!! Busy busy week ahead!