Thursday, July 10, 2008

Holy Yarn score, Batman!!!

So my grandmother went through all her old knitting stuff and passed along 2 garbage bags of yarn to my parents to bring up to me. They forgot it last time they visited, so I was sooo excited today when they brought them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(they also brought me cat litter and some sweet sweet coldcuts and things from my favorite meat shop!)
So yeah, back to the yarn-a lot of it is stuff I would never normally use, being a lot of super old acrylic(I found receipts in the bags going back to 1986!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I was SIX!!!!!!), but because it is my grandmothers I love it all-even the horrid Phentex stuff!!! I think i will make a random blanket for myself out of it so that I will think of her every time I use it :)
So yeah-pictures!!!!!!!

The giant pile of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy old pattern booklets!

3 finished granny squares!

I have no idea what this thingy is. Any guesses?

Zartan likes to smell my yarn :P

This stuff is like ROPE!

Rainbow yarn!There were 2 of these hat kits-one white and one red!

This baby head thing creeps me out

Cape Breton Wool! Easily the best find in the batch!

I was planning on making one of these this summer-and now I have a super funny vintage kit to do it!

Lots of pink baby yarn!

Me going crazy for yarn! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

That's so much like the stuff my Nana was into! And I remember tons of baby heads too!

Lesley said...

Oh lucky duck!

Stellina said...

SCORE! ca-cchhinnng!

that crazy thing is a hairpin lace loom. i was also ooogeling your hairpin lace magazines.

hairpin lace looks alot more complicated than it is but you can make gorgeous stuff with it and your project grows super-fast. has a pretty decent tutorial not to mention that gorgeous lotus dress pattern.

~Melissa~ said...

Major score!! Wow - you got some loot.

Stephanie N said...

Thanks everyone!!! I'm super insanely excited about it all!!!