Thursday, July 24, 2008


So this last week has been a very very busy one! Been working on a bit of freelance comic stuff, then I got some freelance video game animation clean-up from some friends and now I am helping out at my old work while a friend of mine is absent for her wedding-so I've been up around 5:30 every day for the last week and up until 11 or so working-taking breaks to eat and shower and that's about it. I finally got to my dishes today-left since Sunday or so. Pretty gross stuff. Also managed, since I work from home, to get a little laundry done too, so clean bed sheets and towels! Yay!
Late last week I got my boy to take some more pics of me to round off my entry into the Bad Knit Girls August competition. *crosses fingers* I will post the link once voting starts!
So, what's new in knitting news? Well, I haven't gotten much done lately. Been doing up some dishcloths and started my Private Benjamin hat so I won't burn my head in the sun. Haven't gotten to work on my tube top since last week, but I am just about done-just have the ribbing along the top of the back piece to do and then sewing it up! Should be able to get to that early next week-hopefully before August 1st since it was the July KAL for the Knit Girls.
I have a lot of items in my queue that I would really like to get started on but not only do I not have the time these next few days, I also have a super insane case of startitis and I have many projects I need to get finished-I'm so bad for half finishing things. Some things half finished right now that have to be done reasonably soon?
-Tube top(has to be finished for August 1st)
-Jodi's slippers(can wait till Sept, I think)
-baby romper for my boss' new baby(due in Sept-needs to be done by end of August)
-dishcloths(I'd like to get a few more done for this weekend to bring home with me)
-Private Benjamin(no point doing it if it's not done in the summer)
-Nicole's vest(started this in April, I think, and then it got warm, so I put it on the back burner. Should finish it before the fall, though)

Stuff on the needles that isn't horribly important:
-Zartan's cat bed(he doesn't know about it, he doesn't care)
-TV caddy(this baby is getting frogged, I think. Too much garter stitch)
-Alpaca(started this last fall for my aunt then never finished him-a little felted alpaca. Would like to finish for THIS christmas)
-Dad's socks(still only a leg-knitted to the heel turn and then stopped. And this is only the first one :P)
-Afghan(I started a dark pink, light pink and black crocheted square afghan for myself a while back. I need something like 200 squares for it. It's going to be a while)
-Criss Cross garter(I made the gloves that match in a week and then plowed onto the garter. And got bored. So it's hiding somewhere)
-Tattoo baby sweater(this has been sleeping for over a year. Well over a year. Some day it will get finish and be awesome.....SOMEday :P)

Wow, that looks really horrible all laid out. *shrugs shoulders* Ah well! ha ha ha ha ha ha Once I get a life again I will make a plan to methodically go through them. Until then I must resist casting anything else on!!!!!!


jkleclerc said...

Good luck on the knit girls contest. I'll be sure to vote for you when it gets posted.

I don't even want to think about how many projects I have on the go and in the queue...

Brook said...

can't wait to see the pics!! If you are really riskay you should take a pic like in "Calendar Girls" where just the knitting project is covering her bits!! :)

Stephanie N said...

Thanks you sexy ladies!
hahahahaha Brook-I am so not that confident to do that! hee hee hee Maybe if I don't win this time and run again I will ;)