Saturday, March 15, 2008

Photo post!

Okay-since I usually lack in photos, I am determined to put a few up for you.
First off: The just about finished devil hat for Sarah

Secondly, my crocheted nurse purse! I love it so much!

And thirdly, well, I'm not actually sure if I can post them because the person I made them for might be out there somewhere looking at this.....hmmm.......well, not to name any names, maybe.
Mug Cozies!!!!!


Mama Brook said...

OMG, I love that nurse purse!!!

Stephanie N said...

It's the main reason I HAD to learn to crochet :)

Anonymous said...

mug cozies are awesome!


torrance said...

Oh I really like the nurse purse :)
Well done :)
Maybe I really ought to make one myself.