Thursday, August 30, 2007

The start of X-mas knitting

Okay, so in posting the stuff as I work on it, I realize that I am opening myself up to possibly ruining x-mas presents on people. I really don't want to do that, but if I wait until everything I am planning on making in the next 4 months get's delivered and opened, then i will have no projects to post. So I am just hoping that no one I know other than the handful I gave the link to actually find out about this blog. Mom and any other relatives-if you come across this, I apologize. As a compromise, I am just going to leave out the recipient of the items I list, so maybe someone will be surprised if they DO stumble across this little corner of the internet.

So, my finished project for this post is a very neat little scarf I made up on the fly and finished in about 2 days(so maybe, 5 hours?) thanks to the nifty little knitting loom I picked up the other day. I wish I had the time to handknit everything, but in some cases, you need to make a compromise. I decided scarves are that compromise. At least when heading up to x-mas.
The yarn I picked up that I fell absolutely in love with for this piece is by Patons and is called "Bohemian". I picked black because, well, I usually do, to be honest. And this yarn is soooo super soft. Really-I'd love to just roll around in a huge pile of it. Then, after getting it home, I decided to pair it up with a Berroco yarn called Candy FX that I picked up a few weeks ago on sale at The Loop. The color for that one was 8734-it's a black, silver and white sort of concoction. Very cool.

Anyways, enough of this-here's a few pics of the finished piece!


Can O' Beans said...

OOOOOOooooo, pretty!

Kate said...

Man, that's gorgeous!