Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What to say, what to say? I'm still very much enjoying my time off, but the money coming in is not enough to stave off the bill collectors, so things are getting a little stressed for me around here. Hopefully Chad and I will be back to work sooner rather than later and things can get back to normal-although my knitting time will be greatly sacrificed :P
Last week I finished a very early b-day present for a friend which I unfortunately can't post here yet because she MAY stumble across it on here. But I will say that it is wicked awesome and I hope she likes it.
I'm also working on a bag that I am making up as I go that, if it turns out, will be up on my etsy page.
And I think tonight, for knitting night, I am going to start a devil hat for my friend Sarah, who learned how to knit and purl last night when she was over.
Yesterday Sarah and I went out and each bought an exercise bike. I couldn't really afford it, and Chad was very much against it since I had an elliptical for about 2 years and barely used it, but even thought my bike has left me broke, I am determined to have it and use it to death. My weight has been slowly making it's way up again and I can't let that happen. I have the time to work out, so I should be. And now we have cable again, so I get to watch tv AND workout at the same time. Then knit. Then workout :P ha ha ha ha ha ha
Sorry no pics this post, maybe next time :)


Mama Brook said...

Good luck lady!
I just started hitting the gym at our apartment complex - it sucks but ti's worth it! You're cute either way so don't worry about your weight so much!

Mama Brook said...

Oh geez, sorry I'm a terrible speller!

Stephanie N said...

Thanks for the support, lady! XOXOXO

Viva Scrapper! said...

Dude...if I had my own eliptical I would uses it like crazy! Though I say that I bet if I had one it would go the way of other things I just HAD to have and never use (Hello Pressure Cooker and Ice cream Maker) Exercize bikes are awesome!

Stephanie N said...

And if I had an ice cream maker-I'd be 400 pounds!!!

Stellina said...

i wish i had a bike at home, allthough i tend to procrastinate on doing good things for myself. i have a gym membership, but have been coming up with tons of excuses not to go which is just stupid. having it at home sounds so great though. i like the bike better than the elyptical. you can for instance just read or knit while doing a low intensity yet still useful workout on the bike :)

the ultimate fate of the blue tooth will be decided on monday, at this point i am so over it that they can pull it if they want too. bye bye hamsterface :)