Thursday, February 28, 2008


Wow...I just added a new project I am working on to my Ravelry and I see I now have 8 WIP's(work in progress). That's baaaaaddd........I know I will finish the newest one soon. I can't say what it is in case that person sees this post. And I have a blanket I am making that won't be done for ever. But the other stuff-I should really get on that...... I have:
1. a dishcloth I started forever ago after completing one and needing something simple to keep working on
2. the blanket
3. the new project that I can't talk about
4. Kitty Dim Sum cat toys-I made 2 but didn't finish a third that I started
5. Socks for my dad that were supposed to be for x-mas that I told him he would get "some time"
6. My garter belt from Naughty Needles that matches the wrist warmers I made already-it's slow going-the yarn is sooo thin
7. A baby bib I started before Christmas
8. A baby sweater I started when someone at work was having a baby(which is now almost a year old). It's an awesome sweater though. I really should finish. I did it in burgundy with off white collar and cuffs and it will have swallows on either side of the collar in the off white too! Too cute!

Hmmm.....I think I will tackle the cotton stuff alternately-cotton always gives me a burn on my finger. Then maybe the socks. :)

I wonder if I can knit and bike at the same time...


Mama Brook said...

If you figure out how to knit and bike you better let me know how! :)

KnittyBitch said...

Although not as industrious as knitting while biking, I have mastered the art of walking around at the park while knitting (and not to make it seem like I am a completely crazy woman, I have a small child that I take their to wear her out). However, walking requires minimal balance, and can almost always be accomplished with no hands.