Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Knitting again at last!

Well, with all the stuff going on around here, I haven't done much knitting latey. But the last few days I have been working to get the Ernie sweater ready to stitch up for this Wednesday, because Wednesdays are knitting nights and I want to make sure I have some experts on hand when I start. Just have to do the second sleeve by then. As well as clean my whole apartment-knitting is at my place this week!
Also, last night my fellow derby coach and I met with a potential new roller girl. She was very nice and will make a fine addition to the team, I think. I can't wait to finally get back on my skates-it's been months and months since I even had them on my feet! Stupid winter and stupid lack of indoor venues=no practicing for us :(
Here's some pics of some recent yarn acquisitions and the ernie sweater in progress.


Anonymous said...

How cute! That sweater is so awesome. I didn't know you did roller derby. I was thinking about going to an LA Derby Dolls show this weekend.

Mama Brook said...

I love the Ernie sweater!

Viva Scrapper! said...

I love that sweater.

KnittyBitch said...

I love the Ernie sweater. The boy refuses to wear it if I make it for him, though. :( He uses the excuse that my "I love Bert" shirt would be contradictory to him wearing an Ernie sweater. Damn me and my love of cute/trying to be sexy in a non-chalant way Bert!