Thursday, May 8, 2008

Adventures in Knitting

Alright blogworld, what's new with you?
Since my last post, I have put myself on a some-what yarn diet. there's a few things I need to pick up, because I have a taste now for knitted garments and want to make myself some fun summer stuff, but I need to save money and get the stash down to make room for even better stash in the future, so no buying random yarn for a while! ha ha ha ha I have made my first ever actual garment for myself this week. It is the Eyelet Shrug from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders. I found the pattern a little confusing, but overall it turned out good, just a few little mistakes. I think it's cute. :) and it's not BLACK! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Lisa and I are on a big mission to stop making clothes or buying clothes in black all the time-it's REALLY hard. Black is soooo nice! ha ha ha ha haha

Last night was our first attempt at a group knitting night with a bunch of extra people than our "core" group. We rented a room at a local coffee shop that seats 15 or so people and invited a bunch of people we thought/knew were interested in coming, but that we couldn't normally invite because a) space in our living rooms is at a premium right now and b) some people don't really know other people and you don't want to be inviting strangers to peoples places and all that and c) we like having just our little group most of the time because we all mesh good and can gossip and all that good stuff. So there we were, at the coffee shop, and there were SIX of us. Out of all the people we invited SIX showed up. One regular was sick, one didn't show up and another that was supposed to be there also didn't show up. And then some people just never got back to us. So it ended up being more expensive than we had previously thought. :( Hopefully next time will be better. It was too bad. And then me, genius that I am decided I wanted a NEW project to work on, so after trying to find yarn and patterns and all that I chucked a hank into my bag with a pattern and some needles and ran out the door. Only to realize I can't knit from a hank. So I spent 2 hours out of the 2.5 we had there just winding it into a ball :P ha ha ha ha ha ha I suck!
Anyways, that's my world. Now I have the rest of the week to knit and watch the SIX movies I rented this week and have yet to watch, that have to be returned on Monday night. King Kong, Superman Returns, Zathura, Kinky Boots, Black Snake Moan and Snakes on a Plane. All movies I meant to see when they came out and then didn't get a chance to. Well now I will-if I manage to fit them all in with the working out, laundry and the boy's family being up all weekend.....


Michele said...

Freakin' adorable!

Jill said...

Black is best, I just bought 4 more black tops because the 4 t-shirts (and numerous tanktops) weren't enough.

Oh, and Kinky Boots is ultra-fantastic

Mama Brook said...

Soo cute.
Kinky boots is freakin' hilarious!
Zathura's actually good too. My son made me watch it like 5 times :)

Stephanie N said...

Yeah, I quite enjoyed most of the movies I rented! Zathura was really adorable!

~Melissa~ said...

LOVE the knitting project - very cute. I tend to always pick out black things too.

I've watched Zathura so many times, my son loves that movie. Luckily, it's pretty cute.