Monday, May 19, 2008

Tattoo Festival 2008!

Alright, so Saturday was the first day of the tattoo festival! I got all dolled up and headed out in the rain with my girl, Sarah(aka Raven Maven), to get our merchandise and all that set up. We met our manager and Kelta(Tragedy Ann)'s husband Chris(Scratch) there and started setting up. Then I realized that I, moron that I am, forgot my banner for our table at home. So he graciously drove me all the way home so I could get it. Then, on the way back, we stopped into the Burger King drive through to pick up some food for lunch and ran out of gas on the way out. :P So there I am, all dressed up and useless, sitting in a gas-less SUV in the middle of the road while Scratch runs over to get a gas can and some gas from the nearby(thank god!!!) gas station. So we finally get there, finish setting up and the day went pretty good.
Sunday I was there from mid afternoon until 9. I picked up a couple of pairs of earrings and some FUDGE!!!! it was yummy :)
Then today, the last day, was the longest seeming day yet, probably because it was a slow day, we didn't do much in sales and since most of the artists had nothing to do, I was wanting a tattoo even more than I had the other 2 days :P Soon enough, I keep telling myself, soon enough.....
Here's some pics from my camera-I'll post some more when other people get theirs up on Facebook :)

Last day of the convention-me and our biggest fan-Nicole! She stalks us on Facebook apparently :P She knew who we all were and everything! ha ha ha ha ha

Scratch, me, Daisy Chained and Rocket Angel on day 2

Me and Rotten Dutchess!-day 2

Raven Maven and Scratch-day 2


Mama Brook said...

Your hair is so cute!

Mama Brook said...

YAY! I'm so glad you got them! I was worried about the getting stuck in customs or something :)