Friday, May 16, 2008

Tattoo Festival!

This weekend I will be busy working my roller derby's booth at the tattoo festival.
I worked it last year, but was very nervous, mostly unprepared and it was very cramped. I'm hoping this year will be better. We all know each other a lot better, and it's at a different local than last year, so there should be a lot more room. I desperately wish I was getting tattooed by my buddy Wade, even just a little one, but I am sooo broke right now. Plus, what money I had went to a new haircut, which I hadn't had in MONTHS, and some stuff for our table, like a little acrylic sign holder for the prices(we're selling t-shirt and pins and things, and I am selling some belt buckles and earrings to benefit the team), some glow bracelets, some little name tags(hee hee!) and probably some photo copying today for our flyers.
Here's some pics from last year-

Rotten Dutchess getting her tattoo done
Part of the freak show

Some of the girls working the table

Me grabbing some random tattoo guy who hung out near our table all day :P


Jill said...

I heart random tattoo guys. I didn't go to our "InkFest", heard it was lame. Calgary's supposed to have a good one.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Love the hair!

Mama Brook said...

Oooh have fun! I'll be at home watching TV all jealous and stuff :)