Friday, January 23, 2009


So last night was knit night with the Dartmouth Knitters and Brave Travellers group. This time we bravely traveled to OPA! since it was restaurant night. LEt's just say that while it was indeed awesome, I won't be going back for a looooong time-it was pretty expensive. Of course, I DID get a martini AND dessert with my meal :P Stop judging me! ha ha ha ha

Here's my side of the table of knitters

And here's the other! Lots of lovely ladies abound! And we were easily the loudest people in the restaurant.

Me and Lesley with out Mykonos martinis

Lesley's delish looking dessert

Lex's giant mountain of cake

Kathy's dessert is telling her she should go to OPA. Little did it know we were already there!
I managed to get almost a whole baby sock done while we were there-I am LOVING magic loop. LOVING.


Brook said...

wow that does look expensive!

lulubelle said...

Expensive is an understatement...I know I also had an appetizer as well as my meal, martini and a dessert, but my meal cost about what it usually costs us to feed the family at Pizza Hut. It was good though.

As a side looks like Nicole is trying to escape that picture...

Julie said...

Opa is my favorite Restaurant in Halifax, hands down.

You can't really compare Pizza Hut to Opa...

Stephanie N said...

Sure you can Julie! Just not in quality. But if you enjoy both foods(keeping in mind, of course that one is still a higher quality) then getting a familys worth of food or just yourself for the same price is comparable. Like, say, I enjoy 5 dollar burger king, but it is certainly not as good as, say, a meal at the Argyle, but it's a lot cheaper and I still think it tastes yummy :P ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
But seriously-my meal with tip was $47 bucks. And I am on EI. So not again for a looong, loooong time :P

Anonymous said...

I wasn't trying to escape the picture. I didn't know I was in the picture!