Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Craft Fair!

So I had a table at my first ever craft show on Saturday. It was a small show-with probably.....15 tables or so. Everything I sold except for one pendant at the end was to friends, but really? Half the people who showed up were people I knew :P So not too bad. I just put in an application for one in May that is waaay crazier and busier. I'm crossing my fingers that I get in!
Here's a bunch of pics so you can see the yummy goodness that was our table!

My friend Tacha makes awesome little critters with recycled felted sweaters


Our table of stuff-mine is the stuff off to the right of the pic-earrings, pendants and hair flowers

Here we are-looking way more awake than we felt :P


Brook said...

I love craft fairs!!! You get to meet some really cool people... you just have to find the good ones! selling stuff is always a plus!!

Rebecca said...

I've been loving that little pendant with the kingfisher or woodpecker I grabbed; it's so "unique" (I hate that word, it reminds me of my mom, but it's true). thanks again.