Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, once again it is my birthday. They seem to be coming faster and faster every year :P

Yesterday I finished up the Yorrick scarf from for my friend Sarah. I had handfelted it the night before in my sink and I have to say it worked out really really well by hand. I had a bit of a heart attack yesterday when I cut out the eyes and nose holes(I decided to not knit them and I went and cut them afterwards so they would have a wonkier look to them). but all seems well.
And she LOVES it. So I am glad :)
Here's some pics:

Also-Zartan loves yarn :P


meegiemoo said...

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for the condolences. I'll let Brent know and give him a hug from you.

Stephanie N said...

Were you at the Loop today by any chance?