Saturday, January 19, 2008

Life is killing my buzz

Okay, so the shiny new-ness of being unemployed and having lots of time to knit has worn off. I am broke. Very very broke. I'm still loving the free time, the sleeping in and the knitting time, but I am starting to stress out again, which I don't want. My system is finally back to normal from the last 2 years of working/eating out/stress, and I don't want to go back to being sick :(
We have company this weekend, so that should be fun, anyways. Started the criss cross gloves on Wednesday night and have reached the thumbhole part and am stopping, because I am not entirely sure what to do. I have instructions there for it, but I'm nervous there's something there that I'm supposed to know that they didn't include in the pattern. I've run across that before. All I know is it says nothing about putting the stitches on a holder, but I have watched friends do mittens and they put the stitches on a holder until the end and then got back and knit them. So I'm waiting until Lisa is around to help me. :P Just in case. Always ere on the side of caution. They are turning out great so far, though!
That's about it, I suppose. If anyone wants any jewelery, check out my etsy page, I could use some sales. :(

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